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Once we realized . . .

Wendy was probably never coming home to us, our family began to discuss how we wanted to memorialize our beloved wife and mother. We wrote this . . .

September 16, 2001

As the heartache and terror of the mass murder at the World Trade Center continues, the world has learned many stories of loss, death and anguish. None is more tragic than the loss to her family and friends of Wendy Faulkner – Wife, mother, daughter, sister, business executive, neighbor and caring American. Wendy was there for a one-day business meeting.

The daughter of Christian missionaries, Wendy learned early God’s direction that we love and care for each other. One way she quietly and personally answered that commandment was by providing clothing, food, toys, books, candy and personal grooming items to children in orphanages and needy situations around the world. What she couldn’t collect as contributions she bought herself.

Working from home after skillfully meeting her responsibilities as a wife and mother, Wendy personally and quietly collected, packed and mailed boxes of these eagerly awaited items to children around the globe – To places like Africa, the Philippines, Jamaica and Haiti. These wretchedly poor, neglected and sorrowful children learned of God’s love and hope through this behind the scenes, personal mission of Wendy’s. She spoke little of this work that directly helped many of these kids find a bit of hope, beauty and comfort in a difficult world. Many wrote to her their thanks and sent photos in their “new” clothes or playing with the only toy or teddy bear they had ever owned. For many years our daughters and I enjoyed sharing with her their letters and personal notes of appreciation that often spoke of finding the Lord.

Now Wendy has been taken from us forever by powerful forces of evil, cowardice, hatred and hopelessness. We want her personal mission of hope, love and caring to live on despite the viciousness, pain and indignity hurled against her. This gracious, loving and gentle spirit deserves a legacy of hope and victory, not suffering and loss.

Ashley, Loren and I loved and learned so very much from this amazing woman who is my beloved wife. Please consider helping us carry on and possibly expand her expression of caring and love by supporting the not-for-profit foundation we are founding in her name and will personally direct in the same selfless spirit she exhibited.

The Wendy Faulkner Memorial Children’s Foundation will insure that “her” third-world kids and hopefully new ones will continue to receive Wendy’s periodic and tangible expressions of both God’s generosity and love. This foundation will continue sending Wendy’s quiet and personal messages of caring despite our loss of her body to hatred.

Your tax-deductible contributions can be made by check to the Wendy Faulkner Memorial Children’s Foundation and mailed to the address below.

With your help, Loren, Ashley and I are committed to carrying on their mother’s and my sweetheart of 30 year’s work until we are all together again.

God bless you and our wonderful country.

Loren, Ashley and Lynn Faulkner