2005 TSUNAMI - You helped


2005 Tsunami Relief

Wendy Foundation associates in both India and the Philippines provided food, clothing and supplies to victims of the devastating killer earthquake/tsunami. The Wendy Foundation provided money to buy needed food, blankets and materials for the relief effort. It also shipped boxes of clothing and supplies for long-term support for those suffering. WFMCF assisted 45 hard hit villages in India and 3 in the Philippines.

Monday February 7, 2005
Dear Board of Directors of WFMCF,
We thank you for your kind, generous hearts and that you have approved and wired funds as we requested to continue your support for relief and rehabilitation of Tsunami victims. We thank you for your christian partnership with us and helping  to meet the short term relief for the children and families affected by disaster in 48 villages. We are thankful to all of your prayers and help for the needy. Please do pray for us as we are praying for all of you there. We appriciate your generousity.
Yesterday, at 9 O Clock of our Indian time in the morning, two government officials visited us to discuss with the board of trustees relief and rehabilitation in other villages.They humbly requested us to share some of the burden of children and families who need houses.We have decided to visit the villages along with the government officials to see the situation of the affected children and families and to do help what God wants us to do.
They explained the worst situation of ten families who were totally lost and collapsed their houses and washed all of their belongings.These families and children are low cast and untouchables and tribal community from the society.These 10 families need new houses at low cost to build by experienced engineers. We will send you details of construction of low cost housing plan to the affected families by disaster.
Please do spend much time in your family prayer along with the daughters and ask God's guidance to collect funds for this long term relief and rehabilitation program for housing for 10 families who requsted us through local government officers for their permanent releif.We feel that this plan and proposal is worthwhile for WFMCF.May the holy spirit of God be with you, guide and lead you to do good things from uttermost of your generous hearts to glorify him and to inherit the house in his kingdom. We need to grow in his image to stand before his judgement day to get the gift of God's right hand.
With Much Christian Hearts

Jan 11, 2005 - Pastor Joe, Charis and Mauro. This seashore of Umiray was the place where the dogs gathered parts of dead human bodies for food.
Dear Lynn, Loren and Ashely,
We thank God for your prayers for our work and service for the poor and needy.We discussed with the government officer. We are planning to do more help the children and families who were effected by Tsunami Earth Quake, from monday to saturday with the cooperation of the government officers who are wittness what we are doing and sharing in the name of Jesus Christ and in memorial of  WENDY FAULKNER. We contacted a vehicle on hire to load the SUPPLIES for one week.
We are willing to support to 45 villages, all of these families were effected by this terrible disaster. We need to help all of them in a little way as per the emergency and priority. We are not willing to waste of your valuable donation the you sent us as first instalment.Please do pray  to do some more help as per your abilities and what God wants you to do for this disaster.This is a wonderful channel to spread the gospel to win the dying souls for christ and his kingdom.Please find some other people to involve with you  to give this disaster as soon as possible.
We would like to send reports in the end of the next week, after we return from the disaster villages.We thank you for your generous hearts are christ like.This is the way, truth and life to follow Jesus both in words and in deeds.We are looking for your letter which you mailed a few days ago , to show that letter to Government of India.
With Much Christian Love

January 11, 2005 - Every portion of food and material are check carefully before bags are distributed to tsunami victims in Umiray, Philippines
Friday January 7, 2005
Dear Brother Lynn,
We have received your money today to our Bank account. We thank you for your genrous hearts of WFCMF to do help to those who effected by disaster. We are planning today to buy things tomorrow and distribute them on monday with the cooperation of government official, and if possible including a political leader.
We grateful to all of you for this initial support to meet the pressing needs of some families who are looking for our help to fulfill their  basic needs. Please convey our blessings and prayers to Loren and Ashely  both are prayerful hearts.
We especially grateful beloved sister WENDY FAULNKER . What a wonderful she is living among us by spirit.She alive in Christ and she is doing good work in India through us to help the needy. This is a wonderful memoriable to help to the needy families who effected by Tsunami Earth Quake. Her spirit is moving from country to country to do help the needy.
With Much Love in Christ

This crowd of 100+ received help Saturday 1-8

January 3, 2005

Dear Lynn, Loren and Ashley,

We never realized how hard the tsunami situation in our place is until recently.  Last
Tuesday Mauro, Joe and Charis and I went to Umiray, Dingalan to visit our
contacts there.  We gathered the family names to be given relief goods. Most
families who lived in relocation areas in Umiray are affected more than we
thought of.  They lost their homes, and kids will take time before they could
start classes.

This coming Saturday January 8 we will go there with some food stuff and
toiletress, clothes etc.  Fifty families in Umiray and 25 in Dingalan will
benefit from these.  Inside the three plastice sando bags are the following: One
bag contains clothes, shampoo, tothpaste bath and washsoap.  The other bag
contains one can sardine, meatloaf, 4 noodles, one loaf bread, one small
starmargarine, two biscuits 3 kilos rice, two kinds of biscuits, toys and
chocolates for those who have kids.  We also have forty sets of half dozen
plates and water pitcher for special families who lost everything.

All the boxes from Wendy Foundation donors were used.  We have some pictures
about this to send to you sometimes this month.

The disaster became a turning point for all of us.  Many are coming to church in
tears.  No homes, but they are alive.  We feed the church goers three Sundays
now.  We have to feed the kids on Saturday.
The good thing occured now is, families who didnt come to church attend now!
Now we lack monoblocks to sit on.  Yesterday, the kids gave a special number and
we were in riot! some sat on the floor.

The Umiray people needs help badly.  Since the farmlands are in bad shape it will take time for families to recover. We plan to visit the place once a week to feed the kids with
nutritious broth and ban.  Please help.  We also request that donors will send
in oatmeal and other grain to help us feed weekly in Gabaldon and Umiray.

There is a way to send food stuff to us.  You can send anything inside a box,
fill really it and send it to our address on a door to door way.

Please send, cereals, oatmeal, dried whole milk, cocoa anything nutritious to be
used for feeding.

Truly the Lord coming is at hand let us not weary in doing for the least.
Maria Serra

December 30, 2004
Dear Brother Lynn,
We thank you for your prayers for the people who were suffering and many and many familes who are helpless, homeless,hopless and hungry by the terrible TSUMANI earth quake. A few hours ago, we received a phone call from a government officer who requested us to help the families who are looking for food, clothing, medical, drinking water and shelter etc,
We pray and think that it is a time and an opprtunity to WFMCF to show the love of Jesus to do help to those who are hopeless, helpless, homeless and hungry to glorify God through the cooperation of Mercy and Grace in India, as we committed to support the poor and needy in the villages of rural areas here.
If we would like to do help in time to those who need emergency relief, and then, the local government would like to sea what we are doing and giving love and life to those who are looking for.
As you advised me for the bank detailes to transfer the money to buy things soon what the people looking for things to get relief and comfortness.
We are sending thanks and appriciation for your funds for things to help the families who are looking for things for relief.
Blessings to daughters,
With Much Love,
Madhava and Nirmala