e-mails from those you are helping
Food for hungry families in India
Andhra Fradesh, India
Dear Brother Lynn,
Mercy and Grace is a Charitable Trust and registered as per trust rules and regulations to do service to help the poor and needy. Mercy and Grace is having all the permissions from our government to receive grants, donations, gifts in kind and cash to uplift the poor and needy from their poverty.Mercy and grace is having the permissions to spread the gospel to those who do not know the love, salvation, compassion, kindness and eternal life of Jesus Christ.
Since we contacted you, we touched and inspired by your love and compassion in both words and in deeds in helping to children in the memorial of your lovely and blessed wife of WENDY. We visited and read all of your pages in the website.Your work and service is appriciated and impressed by your Wendy Foundation.
Thank you for the 12 boxes which arrived in December from your foundation.
My wife and I both are dedicated, committed and involved in helping to children and women who are destitute, child labor, street children, neglected, school drop outs and orphans in the remote villages of rural areas and slums in the small towns.These children needed Jesus love and compassion through us.Many people and many organisations have failed to show real love in helping the poor and needy to meet their daily basic needs---- FOOD, CLOTHING, HEALTH, EDUCATION AND SHELTER --- These are 5 essential things for life.)
As we delighted and inspired by your love and help to children in the memorial of Wendy  Foundation from your country , we started  as  WFRMRS  on  11 th, September 2004 with a group of twelve children to honor her that day in India to help as many as children in her memorial. You can send funds or goods to Mercy and Grace Charitable Trust as you sent Bixes, for the benefit of the children who are in the WFRMRS. Whtever you send from ther that we used in the name of WRFMRS ONLY. We will submit the audit reports of your donations to you for your records and audits there.This is the good stewardship and strategy betwewen Wendy Faulkner Foundation. After 3 years, we will register this  WRFMRS in India to get govermnment permission to receive grants directly in the name of WRFMRS.
You can send any thing to Mercy and Grace from Wendy Faulkner Foundation there. Hoping you can understand the truth as per our above honest and prayerful hearts in Christ. We are praying for you and daughters and your activities. We trust that this plans and thoughts are getting by the holy spirit who is guiding and leading us in this way to help as many as children and women in Wendy Memorial. What a wonderful opportunity and previlege to India Children to help to her name!. One day your children will enjoy with these precious children and they can do much for their mother memorial in India. We joined with you with much love as we are one in heart, mind and spirit of Jesus Christ.
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Madhava and Nirmala.
Zambia, Africa
Beloved man of God,
Wiphan sends her love and greetings to you br. Lynn and your team.  Thanks alot for the funds which have finally come in through into Wiphan's account, we are very grateful.  The 1,600 USD came to K7.450,000 million Kwacha equivalent and we have started digging foundations of classrooms with the same money.   Br Lynn, once again thanks alot for every effort made in transffering the funds to us.  We realise it is not that easy but it has always taken the love of God that has been shed abroad in your heart for God's people for you to help us the way you have been helping us, we are very very thankful, may the good Lord continue to bless you so richly.  Thanks for your mail and we thank God for what you are doing for our friends in the other three countries, God richly bless you.  I am sorry for delaying in responding to your mail.  I had been down in my bed because of a back-ache but I feel much better today, thanks for your prayers.  I still need some rest.  I will get in touch with you by Friday, God willing.
Kunda for Wiphan.
Zambia, Africa

Dear br. Lynn

Special and warm regards to you, your pretty grils and all the beloveds at WFMCF in the precious name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  All of us at Wiphan is doing fine and everyone send their fondest love to you and to your team.  It has been a long time since we last communicated. I was out to my home village to nurse mum who was very ill.  I left her feeling much better than I found her.  Thank you so much for your prayers.   We too have been praying for you. 

How is the Foundation doing?   Wiphan Care Ministries is doing fine.  The school for the orphans is growing and we have a lot of widows in the skills training center. Surprisingly enough, even non-widows have shown a lot of interest to learn both the Word and the skills.  Kindly, continue praying for us for more resources.

Thank you so much for standing behind us and for every financial and material support rendered to us dear one.  May the good Lord continue to bless you so abundantly.  I will write again God willing, on Monday.  Kindly, pass our love and regards to everyone at WFMCF. 


Kunda for Wiphan.

NovSalamat po! (Thank you)                    By Maria Aleta B. Serra

Mom, will Jesus hears me anywhere I am?  Asked Charis from her mother.  Her mother knows that more questions follow after this one. Questions like, Why do the dragonfly, the butterfly and the firefly do not make sounds Mommy. Before her mother was able to answer another question raised. Okey, Mom, how about if I am under the water, do you think Jesus can still hear me?

Yes, Baby.  Was her mothers quick answer.

Oh, Mom, you are not really listening to me.  How do you think I can pray under the water when no one can talk under the water?

Yes, you can but only in your mind, you can still pray or talk with Jesus.

I see.

Charis is an eight years old daughter of a Filipino missionary couple.  They lived at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija, the last town of Nueva Ecija, going to Dingalan Bay facing Pacific Ocean.  The family had been beneficiaries by the personal ministry of Wendy Faulkner, now a foundation initiated by her immediate family headed by her husband Lynn and their two daughters Loren and Ashley, after the murder of Wendy along with thousands of other victims in September 11, 2001. This story is one of the many
untold by those whom the Wendy Faulkner Memorial Children Foundation are helped.

Charis develops her prayer life through the model example of her parents. At two and a half years old, when both parents read the Bible each time she woke up in the morning, she resolved herself to do the same by taking one of the books from the shelves and then she would act reading and pray by herself.  No one hears her but she thought that by clasping her hands, bowing her head and closing her eyes she entered her parents world of being silent. Before bed and in the morning her parents ushered her to the world of prayers. Who is this Jesus? question was well answered until in March 17 few days after her 5th birthday she understood her needs to have a personal Savior.  She accepted Jesus and it was very clear to her since then that all people need Jesus to go to heaven.

Her parents had been engaged in pioneering work in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija, in the Philippines.  She witnessed the power of prayer through many instances.  For example, six months of walking to many homes to look for contacts was so tiresome for her.  During those days few money came in and so her mother often gathered her family around the table to pray for a boiled assorted leafy vegetables for dinner. Charis who always wanted to pray would look at the dish and said something like, So we have only vegetables and dulay (vegetable and dulay is one).  Okey, lets hold hands and pray. Thesus, thank you for the dulay and the vegee-tables and Thesus please, give us rice this afternoon and other meat.  And Thesus, I pray this in Thesus name, amen.

Her mother remembered this day for at about four in the afternoon the owner of the farm-house where Charis family lived came to visit. Charis, are you there?  I have here something for you. The family found out about five kilos newly harvested and milled rice and half
of a native chicken meat. Charis, shouted something like, Oh Thesus, thank you, thank you for sending this.

Many answered prayers moved Charis to believe that Jhesus, now Jesus, is alive
and just a prayer away from her. At the beginning of this school year (June 2002-2003), her parents couldnt buy her a new pair of school shoes.  She kept praying every night for a good pair of shoes.  As the school year progressed, her needs of shoes became two.  One for
school uniform and another for sport. She joined the Milo Marathon in Olongapo in September she fell because of bad shoes but still she stood up, ran again and finished the race.

Oh Jesus please dont let my feet grow so my shoes always fit or Send me a brand new one were her prayers. At this time Lynn of WFMCF asked her mother after hearing of Charis fall of her foot size.  Teased by her classmates because her black school shoes have holes on both toes. She always came home and cried to her Jesus to give her new pairs of shoes after their scouting when the teasing was so much for her.

The whole October were spent for prayers for the teasing were too much for her. Then on November 18, the box that bear the WFMCF logo arrived and in every side the word Charis was written.  She danced with the box for a joy that only she knows about.  Behold, that her joy was justified when inside were two brand new pair of shoes and one dozen pairs of white socks!. Her Thank you Jesus and Uncle Lynn! were genuine.  She was so happy!  While she rejoiced of her treasures, her mother was crying for the joy from within.

This writer knows this story very well for she is the mother of Charis.


Malawi, Africa
Dear my brother Lynn,

Greetings in the Lord our King!

Due to the seriousness of the shortage of food, School fees, medical treatment to the orphans here at the Arms of Jesus orphanage, I have decided to sell my car so that I can buy enough food, pay for their school fees and solve other problems within the orphanage.

In the past weeks, I have been phoning you and requesting Financial help for buying food, fees, blankets and medicals. I dont know if you have already sent, before I sell my car.

Please the food problem has come to worse stage. If any donation by the Grace of God, send it through The National Bank of Malawi.

Once again the children and I are so greatful to God and you for the great assistance you have been doing to the orphanage like clothes, toys, soap etc, in the past years.

May you harvest to the best of the harvests in Jesus.

Pastor Mc Only R. Salima.

Beloved Servant of the Lord,

Special regards to you, the girls and all those supporting Wendy Faulkner Memorial Childrens Foundation in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I do trust the Lord is keeping you well and blessing the work of your hands. Everyone at Wiphan says HAI and please receive our hugs and chick kisses. We love you and appreciate you so much. Thanks for the two letters I have just discovered you sent to us last week. I am sorry for taking to reply. I have been down town to check on the mails. We have been spending our full days at the two orphanage centers from morning to sunset. For the last full week, I had no chance to get down town to drop you a mail that why I had sent my biggest girl to do me a favour by sending a mail to you on my behalf. I drafted and gave it to her to send it. I hope you received, infact they were two mails, one for you and one for sister Maribeth. Thanks for the parcel which we received last week on Friday. We greatly appreciate your constant love and help. We gave most of the items from the parcel to an orphan, 9 months old, the mother just passed away. Kindly continue praying for us because the situation of orphans is becoming something hard to understand. HIV-AIDS is taking a lot of parents, leaving orphaned children with noone to help them. It is a big challenge and only God will and we appreciate kind and loving people like you full of Gods mercy, kindness and compassion. Your help has always gone a long way and touched a lot of lives we are proud of you br. Lynn with your team.

I am so glad to hear that you are ready to help us start our chicken rearing project. Like I mentioned earlier on, we have built three big rooms for our chicken rearing project using mad and we have taken photos and I just wish we could do a video tape and send over so that you see what we the actions and voices of people buiding. Mad is the the cheaper material one can use for bulding a simple buiding. Br. Lynn, thankyou for standing behind us and we are more ready to receive the money for the chicks. Could I please have your fax number so that I can fax all the quotations from the farm which sells chicks, feed mash, medicines etc? We have built three big rooms for our chicks and we want to start with 500 chicks. To buy the 5oo chicks, medicines, feed mash, charcoal, feeding pens, and see them to the time they would mature, we need an amount of $1000.00 USD. We appreoached a farm and got all the details. We can fax the same papers when we receive your fax nimber. It is like you knew we have finished building the chicken rans, you discerned, we thank God. And one board member questioned, when is the money for the chicks going to be ready? On behalf of Wiphan, I write to say, we are very grateful for the money you have prepared for us to help us start our chickens project and I believe after the chickens have grown and we begin to sell, Wiphan will stop experiencing financial dry spells.

And it is so amazing to see lots of orphans coming to join Wiphan for help and we have planned that all the widows and big orphans shall be involved in helping with chicken project. The other thing we are desperately in need of are iron sheets to do the roofing.To cut down on the costs, we have of using grass, at least grass can do before the rains come in October. If we started like this week, if the money came in, we would buy the chikcks and everything needed, ( we would be through putting grass for our roofing by Saturday, the 17th) and begin to rear our chicks and by early October, the chickens would be ready for sale and we will have realized good funds to even help us buy iron sheets for a better roofing. Thankyou so much for BIENG SUCH A GREAT JEWELLERY TO US AND TO WIPHAN. WE LOVE YOU AND SO PROUD OF YOU. May the good Lord continue to bless you and prosper you. Our regards to everyone involved in Wendy Faulkner Memorial Childrens Foundation. Looking forward to hearing from you in due course.



Beloved man of God,

Greetings and special love to you and the girls, in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope you are doing fine. Everyone at Wiphan is fine. I have been away at our village to attend a funeral. our Grandmother passed away. I came in yesterday.

We love you so much Mr Faulkner and your children, and everyone contributing to the work of the Lord at Wendy Faulkner Memorial childrens' foundation. We greatly appreciate your constant love and support. You have been a blessing to us. We are praying for you. June month end; I'm travelling to Lusaka to follow up the Liberty certificate issue. Kindly pray for me for the success of the same.

God richly bless you - thank you so much for your constant love and financial support.

Thank you and lots of love,

Kunda (for Wiphan)

April 23, 2002

Dearest Br. Lynn and the children,
Greetings to you, the girls, and the rest of the dear
brothers and sisters working with you at Wendy
Faulkner Memerial childrens Foundation in the
precious name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
I do trust the Lord our God is keeping you well and
blessing the work of your hands - this is always our
prayer for you dearly beloveds in Christ. Everyone at
Wiphan is doing fine and the number of orphans keep
growing almost everyday. The special token of
Christ-love we recieved from you Br. Lynn in March
which fed alot of orphans has brought so many other
orphans who have joined themselvs with us and the
number has suddenly shot to 400 orphans. It blesses
our hearts to share the love of Christ to such
desperate orphans who have no one to love them and
show them the love of Christ.

It is such an exciting thing to see little children
gather at Wiphan Care Center to learn the Word of God
and see them respond to the Word of God as they
surrender their lives to Christ and make a commitment
of serving Jesus all the days of their lives. Such
precious children need alot of continues prayers and
alots of love and care so that the enermy doesn't take
advantage of their plight.

A group of us (Wiphan workers) went out of Ndola to
the outskerts of Luanshya Town from 15th of April to
20th April to respond to a "Macedonian Call " to a
land of widows and orphans. There are some orphans
who have remained with their mothers but of the
orphans we found there are kept by their very poor
grandmamas and these orphans are highly abused. Their
grandmamas use them to do heavy jobs like cows are
used. They are forced to walk a very long distance to
take maize on their heads for grinding so that there
is mealie meal at home. We witnessed it with our own
eyes. It is such a heartbreaking situation. We had
no choice but to shed tears when we witnessed such
porverty and child abuse. We took time to share the
Word of God to such cruel guardians and the excuse
they gave was porverty. Thank God we had a few souls
that surrendered their live to Jesus and we left the
grandmamas in the hands of the brother taking care of
JESUS ARMY CHURCH. The cry from guardians heart was
endless porverty. We identified 30 orphans and we
plan to be visiting that group once a month. We plan
to go back Mid May God willing.

The news of Wiphan Care ministries feeding orphans
continues to spread within the City and another center
in Pamodzi has been opened up and the co-odinator
there is Mrs Phiri. Another Wiphan Care Center is
born in the outskirt of Luanshya - Machiya and our
co-odinator there is Br. Earnest Mulenga and we plan
to visit these new centers once a month. Kindly
continue to pray for us and please servants of the
Lord continue to extend your hand help financially
please. These desperate orphans need alot of help.
The parcel is not yet in. We are looking foward to
the parcels arrival then we can do photos of all the
three centers.

Thankyou so much for standing behind us Br. lynn and
thankyou so much for the ffinancial support which we
desperately need. We have done a rough budget and we
discovered we need about $600.00 a month just for
food for the orphans. We have always wished you were
able to see our video tape sent over last year. But
we will try photos this time. God richly bless you
as you continue to serve Himby helping the needy and
the poor.
Wiphan sends her love and great appreciation. Our
love to you , the children and everyone at Wendy
Faulkner Memorial Childrens Foundation.


April 9, 2002 - Zambia

Dearest beloved Br. Lynn and the girls,

Salutation and Wiphan's special love is sent to you
in the precious name of our lord and Saviour Jesus
christ. We do trust the lord our God is keeping you
well, blessing and prospering the work of your hands -
this is our prayer for you always sweet beloveds.
Everyone at Wiphan is doing fine and God has shocked
us. Becuase of the money you sent to Wiphan which
helped us feed our 300 hundred orphans, the number has
shot up to 400 within a short space of time of almost
a month now. The news of food provision at Wiphan
Care Center spread throughout the city and we have had
alot orphans and vulnerable children come over to
identify themselves with us and the love of God
consumes our hearts and are compelled to recieve such
children and register them. Sometimes, we have felt
the number is growing too big and that we should stop
taking them in but at the end of the day, the love and
compasion of the lord have consumed our hearts and
have been compelled to continue recieving them and
registering them. One Man of God said to us ' don't
you ever think of starting to reject some orphans no.
If the number shoots up to a million don't worry. The
God who fed thousands in the time of Jesus is the same
God who will continue to provide even for a million
orphans'. These words brought alot of encouragement
to our hearts and for sure wie will continue to
recieve poor orphans who are in desperate need of
GOD etc the list is endless.

Thankyou so much Br. Lynn for standing behind us and
helping us to feed the orphans. This is helping us
reach the poor orphans with the Gospel of Christ and
God is setting free alot orphans who getting into
drugs at a very tender age. The devil is taking
advantage of orphans who have noone to give them love
and proper care and putting such on drugs and later
turn them into drug-addicts, thieves, murderers and
prostitutes at a very tender age. Br Lynn, I wish
you could visit and see for yourself it is such a
terrible situation and we greatly thank God for people
like you who have a heart full of God's mercy and love
and are able to give towards the poor and the needy.
The money you sent to Wiphan has really helped feed
alot of orphans. May the almighyt God bless you so
richly Br. Lynn, your children and all those who
extended a hand of help.

This is the breakdown of the way the money was used
and the items bought are as follows;
TEN BAGS OF MEALIE-MEAL - $100.00 ( a bag of
mealie-meal is now costing $10.00)
50kgs OF MEAT - $50.00
10 BAGS OF BEANS - $50.00
KAPENTA-very small fish - $20.00
10lts OF COOKING OIL - $30.00
ONIONS, SALT - $30,00.

This is the total breakdown of the food stuffs we
bought from the money sent to Wiphan and on behalf of
every orphan who has fed from the same, we write to
say thankyou so much and may the lord richly bless you
sweet beloveds. There is $20,00 kept for postage when
the camera and the cassette player have done their
done their work. Tommorrow, I am checking again at
the post office to see if the parcel has arrived and I
am hopeful that this week, the parcel will be in. We
have been using three bags of mealie-meal per week and
the ten bags have lasted three and a half weeks. We
divided the relishes to go with the bags of
mealie-meal. We would greatly appreciate such a very
kind gesture on a monthly basis Br, Lynn if the Lord,
by His grace, would help you do that.

Aunt Lorna has just sent in $400.00 from Mr.and Mrs
Jones who have promised to be sending us a
three-months love offering and we greatly are very
thankful to the Lord. We got $300.00 and gave it to
the land lord towards a three-months advance
rent-payment. We will use the remaining $100.00 to
continue feeding the orphans so that there is no break
in feeding them. Wiphan is very thankful to the Lord
for the such sweet and good friends God has given us -



Zambia, Africa
Sweet beloveds, Br. Lynn and the girls,

Special Calvary love and greetings are sent to you in
the precious name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus
Christ. I do trust you had a blessed time of
celebrating Easter which reminded every believer about
the coming of Christ, how He died and shed His
precious blood to redeem man from sin. We have had
so much activity take place during Easter on our end
here. Friday night was a night almost all Bible
believing churches spent timecelebrating the coming of
Christ through prayers. We have had seminars
throughout the long weekend at church. We had a
lovely time on Saturday with the orphans. We pushed
our invitation to minister to married women to next
weekend so that we had special time with our orphans
at Easter. A sketch about the coming and death and
the ressurection of Christ was done by some of our
orphans and later the Word of God was preached and we
had 20 orphans give their lives to Christ and we
greatly rejoiced and gave all the glory and honour to
the Lord. We have had about 50 more orphans add
themselves to the number because of what God is doing
at Wiphan Center.
I write to you dearly beloveds in the lord, thanking
you for the acts of mercy, love and kindness extended
to us and to the hundreds of orphans who gather at
Wiphan Care - Day - Drop - In - Center for Bible
studies, academic remedial work and feeding. Br.
Lynn, thankyou so much for the gift of $300.00 sent
to Wiphan. May the good Lord continue to bless you,
prosper you and the children and bless all your
endeavours servant of the Lord.

I went to the Post office to follow up the parcels
which are on the way coming. I explained to the top
man who handles foreign parcels and he said that the
parcel would be in either this week or anytime next
week. I was asked not to worry and was assured that
the parcels are safe and would be in any time.
Maribeth's parcel only took two weeks like letters
do. I suspect your parcels Br. Lynn are coming by

Wiphan Care Ministries has expanded treamendously of
late and news of food provision at our center has
spread across the city and we continue to recieve
alot orphans seeking help both spiritually and
materially. Kindly continue to pray for us for wisdom
and God's leading. We are writing a projects
proposal in which we are indicating activities going
on at Wiphan and how much we need on a monthly basis
to meet our monthly budget.

The Lord, has lately given us a burden to start
ministering to the marrieds because some deaths
amongst parents especially in our nation are as a
result of HIV/AIDS. Because of marital problems,
some spouses resolt to having private lovers and this
is usually resulting into deaths caused by the
pandemic HIV/AIDS. The last meeting we had brought
alot of emotional healing to the women who attended it
and we have alot of nice testimonies from women about
how the Lord touched and healed their lives
emotionally. We are able to do all this because of
good friends like you we have and have stood behind
us and given the support that we have needed. God
richly bless you Br. Lynn and your Children for
loving us and showing us the care. Everyone at Wiphan
is very grateful. Kindly pass on our gratitude to
all those who have contributed and shown us their
love and care.



Yours for the kingdom of God - Kunda for Wiphan.

Hi there!
Saturday, we were so busy. Walking to our contacts to give the newsy news!
So we have to do the first feeding.
Since we have three separaate place for Sunday School, we have to decide to let
all of them starting yesterday to come in the afternoon to our place.
The reason is with hot food on the tricycle (this is a motorbike with a two
passenger-side car, have you seen this kind?) The floor on the side car is not
even. We always end up spilling the food on the floor while the tricycle is in
So there were more than sixty people yesterday at home. (Others were not able
to come because of the distance their parents did not allow them to walk. They
said if I will fetch them with transportation they will come. If a place has 25
kids to 50 (because this meetin is with food, there are many extras), The
tricycle will take them to our place in 5 to 6 loads. I will pay 40 pesos for
each load. We got the kid's name,weight,height annd age.
Even the 16 years old wanted to be included but I told them I will only accept
from 12 years old below then we will monitor their weight and stop first the
feeding and resume again. (Well, I want to be safe until the fund lasts so they
will not hope for nothing.)
Women in our Bible Study helped me with measuring their height and taking their
weight. I will make a report once a month about it with the following data:
Number of people fed, ages, weight, height. But I will see to it that all
expenses and the detail of the beneficiaries data will be always available.
(Thanks with the help of the ladies here. They actually were the one who give
me more informations about such work.) I have just talked with a nutritionist
friend. I want to determine who to feed and who need much and less food. I
asked a table her if their is table for a person if has this age and weigh and
hiegt if this person is a malnurished or not.She will give this table this week.
According to residents here once the government had feeding program here. They
were bound to pay a certaina amount for it. When they asked me why I do not aks
for money I told them Jesus paid that already

Well Brother, I think I have another job ahead of me. Thank you for trusting mme. God bless y ou.
Lovingly in Christ,

"I am really sorry brother for the sad death of your wife, Wendy. I know she is with the Lord because of her good works to the poor and the clean heart of your wife. Surely she was a God fearing wife. She was a mother to many needy children. She was a wonderful, God blessed lady. I really love what she was doing. She is a sad loss to all. I am praying for the Wendy Faulkner Memorial ChildrenÂ’s Foundation to continue functioning and expand as I think this was Sister WendyÂ’s desire."

In the Lord's Field,

"I do trust the Lord our God is keeping you safely and slowly healing you and all of us the wound of losing sweet Wendy – may her soul rest in eternal peace. We will live to miss her Love and Care. Jedaidah, my eldest daughter, will break at Aunt Wendy’s departure into glory. Most of the boxes which came from Sister Wendy, Jedaidah fits in most of the clothes. Abigail, 10 years and Sarah, 9 years continue to pray for Uncle Lynn and the children for healing and strength. Sarah, my youngest, asked me ”Has Aunt Wendy gone where my dad has gone?” and I said to her “Yes, and we will meet them one day.” Whenever my girls put on the clothes from Aunt Wendy, they are wondering why she had to go and I keep telling them God permitted it and only He has the answers for our so many “whys”"

Yours in His Kingdom,

Dear Brother Lynn,
Last Friday, we started waiting for a bus going home from XXXXX school at five in the afternoon in Cabanatuan City
(a more than an hour drive) to Gabaldon. The buses were
full and even if there were space for us, the younger ones
could easily climb the bus while I have to tend XXXXX and
our belongings. We were there for about three hours when I
told XXXXX we better go back to the school and stay
overnight there and catch the first trip the following day.
XXXXX cried hard for she wanted to go home because she
has to fly her brand new kite. We still wanted to ride
those cars going back to Gabaldon after they delivered their
vegetables to the main market in Cabantuan, but the
holidays season shopping kept all vehicles from our chances
to go home.
We were in that situation while other good cars passed by
and we chose one from another of our choices. “Lord,
I like that one!” We kept saying.
We were exhausted toward the middle of the night. I have
this thin blanket to cover XXXXX to shy away the
mosquitoes and the night was so cold. It was already late
to go anywhere else so we determined to stay at the bus
At about 1 a.m. a peddler told me to be alert for some
drug addicts who frequent the place may come and take our
Well, I was already prepared to. We were like the
forlorn Madonna scene, a child lying on the bench while a
mother shying away the mosquitoes. We were able to get the
bus past six in the morning the following day Saturday.
At home, we were greeted by our neighbors: YYYYY, a twelve
years old (he stopped from schooling this school year but
he hopes to go next year), ZZZZ, a 9 years old and AAA, the
6 years old. These are the kids next to our house. Their
mother is a native Negrito (called Dumagat in this place)
I was able to sleep in the midst of their noise. Then I
woke to catch their conversations. They were flying two
“When I grow up I will fly like that!”
“No, you can’t!”
“Yes, I can!”
“You have no feathers like the birds!”
“I will study to fly an airplane!”
“My! You better don’t do that!”
“My Auntie Wendy died because someone flew with an
airplane right into the building where she was in!”
“And where do your Auntie Wendy lives?”
“Well, I do not know exactly, but Mom said, she was
there in that building on September 11!”
“Where is that?”
“In America.”
“Why you have this big family?”
“Because Jesus is our Lord. See, all the things that
our family gives you came from these boxes that my Auntie
Wendy and Ate (big sister) Loren and Ate Ashley and
Grandma Lorna the one with the violet hair on my dresser
and Grandpa Fred sent to us.”
“Wow! How wonderful for you to have such a big
Are you an American?”
“No! Just like you I am a Pilipino but yes I have
this great family.”
“Are they helping you go to school?”
“I don’t know, what I know is that Jesus takes
cares of everything. When we lack something we just pray
and He answers.”
“Are you going to study high school?”
“I wish I have also a big family like you.”

Just as I was about to stand up, my husband came in to
show me three mails that came a day before. One from Uncle
Fred and Auntie Lorna.
I read with my emotion broken on those press releases
about WendyÂ’s untimely going home to her Loving
Father. What a grand lady with a life so full but humbly
performed. Bless the Lord for a model creation. I felt so
much loved. Surely she touched our lives. I thought she was
doing this with many other women but she was alone doing
those things but her immediate family. Bless Loren and
Ashley and you of course. Surely her life will not be in
vain for all of us left behind. We have to go on with our
lives. I wish with all my heart that you will cope up and
continue with what Wendy had started. It will be hard but
with Christ nothing is impossible.
I was pondering on how the kids will be helped but I
always feel inadequate. With the foundation that you are
about to put up I hope you will remember to share some to
the children in our area.
I am happy that a in her honor is born please remember our
kids here as you plan:

#if the foundation can afford to send kids to school.
The Philippine school classes starts usually from June to
March here. We can experiment with five to ten kids for a
year, starting school year 2002-2001. I can give you the
worth for every child for every year. Or

#if you can help us purchase a van type or mini bus to
gather all the children every Sunday for Sunday School.
We minister children (besides Home Bible Studies on
weekdays) every Saturday and Sundays. We deal a lot of
walking that sometimes we are exhausted to the next meeting.
On Sundays we usually have three Sunday School for kids in
different places in the morning and in the afternoon two,
but sometimes the heat of the sun exhausted us and limits
ourselves to one or two and teach other group the following
week. These kids keep waiting for us. We cannot send them
to one place just walking for their parents will not permit
them, but it is another story if there will be car to fetch
them and teach them in one place.

These kids and their parents were recipients for the
groom materials and other things Wendy gave to us. We will
distribute these things again come December. On the 2nd
ofDecember we will determine how many to prepare. A bag
with children toys, goodies and the things available from
the boxes. We got the last box from Wendy last August, two
weeks before September 11. Usually, those gifts given to
XXXXX from our friends in Manila are given also to these
kids. Or,
# The Foundation can helps us put up a windmill deep well
for water which is very essential here. This is really
one of our problems.

The story above is not a fiction, they lived next to us.
Of course this family is a big family. BBBB is the 9th of
the family. If there is anything that I can help them it is
to send them to school. That is instead of giving them
things to consume, it is my heartÂ’s desire that we can
send them to school so they can learn to fish themselves
with better education.

Another child is CCC. She is four years old now and a
child of talents. I wish we can help her too.

We can give you many more suggestions but you can
forget all about us, our main suggestion for you is to
keep yourslf in tune with what the Lord wants you to do
with your life. It will be hard on you but God's grace is
always sufficient. He will direct your path and tell you
what to do, keep reading the Bible His Word. God bless you
dear brother. We are sad for Wendy's untimely leaving as
you do. Perhaps ours is not that much to you whom she lived
with, we have not even seen her except those photos that she
sent, however, just the same she really touched our lives.
Yes, one of the things is to put up also a botanical garden
in her honor here.
God gave us 1.6 hectares piece of land we need to be
developed for God's glory. I wish you and the kids can
come one of these days to see, and perhaps you can help us
develop this too.
Good bye now.
Sincerely in Christ,,
Isaiah 41:10
All things work together for good to those who love the
Lord. Romans 8:28