90 Day Fiancé’s Paola and Russ Plan to Adopt Baby 2: Video

Room to grow! Paula Mayfield gave birth to her son, Axel, in January 2019 – and the 90 day fiance alum wants to adopt baby #2.

‘I want more kids but maybe an adoption,’ the 34-year-old former reality star exclusively said We Weekly Wednesday, March 2 at Celebrity Sports Entertainment’s Incredible race Final evening of season 33, organized by Lulu and Lala Gonzalez at Daer Nightclub in Hollywood, Florida. “That’s my biggest goal: to adopt this year or next year. I foresee [more babies] but not directly from me.

The Colombia native added that she and her husband Russ Mayfield “talk” about expansion, saying, “It’s a long process [and] not so easy, but it’s something I really wanted to do for a while. Axel needs a brother.

Russ and Paola Mayfield.

Courtesy of Paola Mayfield/Instagram

For the moment, Paola enjoys life with her little one, says We on the final milestones of the 3-year-old.

“Right now he just wants to be with me all the time,” she said. “I have videos of him very close to me. He always wants to jump on me. He always wants mum. He speaks English and Spanish. He’s growing up so fast. [He’s] love of my life.”

She and Russ, also 34, married in October 2013, welcoming their baby boy six years later. In August, the former TLC personalities revealed plans to take a break from their marriage.

“During this [coronavirus] pandemic, it hits everyone very hard, especially couples who have had to stay indoors 24/7,” Paola’s manager, Dominique Echinton, said in a statement at the time. “Russ lost his job during the pandemic, so Paola had been the sole breadwinner for a year. With all of that, it definitely had an impact on them both seeing each other, so they’re going to take a break for a bit.

The statement came after the wrestler tweeted, “Part of the reason relationships end is we get caught up in other things, forget to appreciate each other and sadly marriage doesn’t end. is no longer a priority. …People have asked me why I don’t take pictures with my husband, and my answer is…I just don’t like pretending to #youguess right.

Now the couple are ‘fixing things’, Paola said We Wednesday, noting that her marriage has “ups and downs” and that she doesn’t always know “what to expect” from her husband.

“We went through some really tough times,” the personal trainer said. “I do not know [what will happen]. We’re trying to make it work, but I don’t know what’s going to happen.

Paola clarified that she and the Oklahoma native live together and have tried Zoom couples therapy before amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“When you do [virtually]it’s not the same as reaching out to someone and being able to express yourself,” the nutrition coach said. We. “But we are trying.”

With reporting by Diana Cooper

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