American University of Bahrain awards scholarships to nine Bahraini students

Riffa, Bahrain – The American University of Bahrain (AUBH) has awarded scholarships to nine Bahraini students for the Class of 2026. The winners are Maria Khaled AlAwadhi and Yusr Abdulrasool in Human Resources; Ali Khalifa AlThawadi in Mechanical Engineering; Habiba Maher, Noor Ali and Yusuf Taha in IT; Mahdi Majeed in Industrial Engineering; Yasmeen Husain in digital marketing and social media; and Salman in finance. Successful candidates demonstrate academic and personal excellence.

The merit-based scholarships will provide students with tuition fees for their four-year undergraduate programs of choice and guarantee internships at top companies in Bahrain, with the right of first refusal to interviews with their scholarship sponsors.

AUBH President Dr. Bradley J. Cook said, “It brings me immense joy to announce the recipients of our AUBH scholarships. As part of our mission to provide high quality education in the Kingdom, we believe this opportunity will pave the way for future success by providing invaluable learning opportunities. We look forward to seeing these nine stellar students become part of the AUBH family, and we are confident in their future success.”

Maria Khaled AlAwadhi, BBA. in Human Resources; is a socially driven person, Maria seeks knowledge, passion and creativity in every chance and opportunity that comes her way. His involvement in several extracurricular activities such as the Model United Nations and Injaz conferences, has proven his commitment to continuous learning and growth.

Yusr Abdulrasool, BAA. in Human Resources; is a socially active student who is always looking for something creative. Seeking knowledge and daring at heart, Yasmeen makes sure she never misses an opportunity that helps her broaden her horizons. She has represented Bahrain as a youth ambassador in the state-funded YES program department, an opportunity that has made her more outgoing and open to the world.

Ali Khalifa Al Thawadi, BSc. In Mechanical Engineering; is a hardworking and passionate student driven by success, Ali graduated at the top of his class as valedictorian of Al Raja School and represented his school as a candidate for the Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Scheme . Additionally, Ali has a keen interest in new engineering methods used in modern technology. He draws the interior of these objects and seeks to understand them.

Habiba Maher, BSc. in computer science; is a dynamic student with a diverse threshold set. Her extensive experience in a range of extracurricular activities and competitions has helped her develop her skills and allowed her to bring a unique set of abilities to any project she works on. She has a distinctive approach to problem solving and considers the fields of business and technology her passion.

Yusuf Taha BSc. in computer science; is a bright student with diverse skills. Her quick learning abilities and time management skills allowed her to pursue several passions simultaneously, such as playing the piano, volleyball, running and calisthenics. He has also been actively involved in student life by participating in MUNs as IT manager and as editor of his school’s yearbook.

Mahdi Majeed, BSc. in Industrial Engineering; is a curious person who always likes to explore new opportunities. He enjoys learning new things and considers this one of his greatest strengths. Besides his passion for digital art and creativity, he really enjoys reading and ice skating. He is extremely enthusiastic about joining the industrial engineering program.

Yasmeen Husain, BAA. in digital marketing and social media; is a socially active student who is always up for something creative. Seeking knowledge and daring at heart, Yasmeen makes sure she never misses an opportunity that helps her broaden her horizons. She has represented Bahrain as a youth ambassador in the state-funded YES program department, an opportunity that has made her more outgoing and open to the world.

Salman, B.B.A. in finance; with the audacity to pursue his dreams, he went on a continuous journey to find answers to his curiosity. He likes to discover ideas and solutions from different angles.

Nour, BSc. in computer science; has always pushed his continuous personal growth and developed his skills throughout his high school career. She constantly immersed herself in extracurricular activities such as MUN lectures and community service projects.

Some of her accomplishments include being the youngest General Secretary of all Model United Nations conferences held in Bahrain and being the first Director of MKMUN.

Awarded students have demonstrated enthusiasm and commitment to academics and extracurriculars; with a concern for making a difference, which made him an excellent natural candidate for the AUBH.

The AUBH awards scholarships to Bahraini students who display the ability to thrive in a diverse and multicultural environment. Applicants are assessed beyond their academic performance such as GPA, English proficiency, and problem-solving abilities as the panel delves into personal qualities and accomplishments depicted in their portfolios, statements, and interviews.

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About AUBH

AUBH is the first purpose-built comprehensive American-style coeducational university in the Kingdom of Bahrain and is supported by the Mumtalakat Portfolio ( The University offers a unique approach to education that fosters interaction and collaboration between students, faculty, and the professional community, resulting in a holistic educational journey for students that goes beyond theory in real practical situations.

Thinking holistically about the challenge of preparing for global employability, the AUBH program is built by experts and specialists to equip students with the soft knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a rapidly changing environment. AUBH’s quality of American-style education mirrors that of the best universities in the United States.

The brand new 75,000 square meter campus is located in Riffa, Bahrain. In addition to its open structures, AUBH incorporates innovative design into its educational and social spaces, enhancing each student’s learning and development experience. In addition to the classrooms, library and laboratories, the campus includes a sports center, indoor and outdoor courts and fields, a large student area and an auditorium for dedicated events.

AUBH is proud to be accredited by the Higher Education Council of the Bahrain Ministry of Education and seeks accreditation from one of six US regional accreditors recognized by the US Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), holding the highest level of quality assurance at the institutional level.

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