App helps parents find local daycare in times of shortage

EAST MILLCREEK, Utah – Taking care of children is not an easy task, especially when they are full of energy, and now more and more parents are being asked to return to the office amid COVID- 19 are cancelled.

But some families struggle to find people to take care of their children.

The latest numbers from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics show that it’s getting harder and harder for families to find daycare, but an app may be the solution parents need.

Rebecca Reeder, parent and teacher from the Petite Explorer Preschool team, said: “I think it has a lot to do with availability. When I’ve spoken to parents they say I don’t know if you’ve been in the childcare cycle, but it’s really hard to get into it.”

Now child care providers like Tanya Gallego are using the Tootris app.

“It’s a place where parents can go and quickly see what’s out there and what’s local and I feel like it’s been missed and it’s a great service for parents,” Gallego said.

The app essentially functions as an online directory of childcare services in your area.

Parents can take virtual tours, see reviews, and learn all about providers on their user profiles.

The Principal of Petite Explorer Preschool in East Millcreek thinks this app could be the solution to the childcare shortage we have seen.

Gallego said, “It’s nice to have something where you can enter a postcode and really find something specific.”

Alessandra Lezama, Founder and CEO of Tootris, said, “If before COVID there was a 44% shortfall of childcare supply versus demand, then coming out of COVID due to all program closures, we’re pretty close to a 57% deficit.”

Tootris says their app gives parents access to more than 180,000 child care programs across the country.

Lezama believes this resource can help struggling parents get back to work and therefore boost the workforce.

“If we’re thinking about resetting the economy, childcare is such an important part of it,” the CEO of Tootris said.

Only state-licensed and registered childcare providers are allowed on the platform.

Tootris also says they review daycare providers to make sure they are still in good standing with their state license.

“We provide direct links to licensing information, including any audits or penalties the program has incurred,” Lezama said.

If you want to search for babysitting services in your area, you can do so on Apple and Android devices.

Custody providers can also sign up for Tootris on their website or through the app for Apple and Android devices.

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