Back in high school, her boyfriend gave up 2 kids for adoption but kept it a secret from her – Chip Chick

A 29-year-old thought she knew everything about her boyfriend, but recently learned that he had been keeping a huge secret from her for the duration of their 2-year relationship.

Both she and her boyfriend have agreed to remain childless. She doesn’t want any children of her own, as she had to raise her 8 younger siblings on her own, and frankly, that was pretty parental for her.

She can’t wait to now be able to live her life on her own terms and do whatever she wants.

“My boyfriend is childless because he said he never wanted kids and never saw himself as a father,” she explained.

“He was even the one who started the subject saying it was important that he didn’t get into a relationship with someone who wanted kids that I had loved since before him, ALL the guys I’ve been with. never wanted kids, so I just felt like I had to compromise and have kids to live out that love.

A month ago, she found out her boyfriend was barely childless. She began to notice that her boyfriend was doing his best to keep her from seeing what he was doing on his phone, and he was no longer answering calls in front of her.

Then she saw on his laptop one night that he was talking to a guy named Ben and a girl in a group chat.

As she was going through the messages between her boyfriend, Ben, and this girl, she was shocked to see that the people her boyfriend was talking to referred to him as their father.

She continued to dig and discovered that Ben was 12 and had contacted her boyfriend first, claiming to be her son.

alfa27 – – for reference only, not the actual person

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