‘Beauty Czar’ causes controversy by saying gay people shouldn’t adopt kids

The famous miss trainer, Osmel Sousaconfessed that although he has tried to adapt to the new beliefs of the LGBTQI community and supports many of its initiatives, He still maintains some differences with some of his demands, including the possibility of adopting children to take care of his education.

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For the fashion designer too, it’s a very sensitive thing and he cited events from his own personal life which marked him forever.

I do not agree with the adoption of children by same-sex couples.the same will happen to me, when i was little i saw my mom and dad making love and later I think I assumed my mother’s position and not my father’s,” he said.

Sousa added that there are many ways to help these children without having to assume the role of same-sex couples.

On the other hand, the beauty czar has commented on her issues for companionship and stable relationships. He admitted that he is not dating anyone at the moment and has been single for a few years now.

Osmel Sousa admitted also have made an analysis of all the people with whom you have rubbed shoulders and publicly confessed that he wouldn’t be surprised if they considered him a “bad bed”.

The designer also said he doesn’t believe in love, saying it was a simple illusion, the beauty czar confessed he had never been in love.

Her comments about having children caught the attention of people in this community, many for and some against.

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