Buda Students Win $25,000 Scholarship Thanks to Chick-fil-A

By Megan Wehring

BUDA – After receiving an acceptance letter in the mail, many students struggle with a difficult question: How will I pay for college? For Marcus Grimes, this question just got a little easier to answer.


Grimes is one of 12 Chick-fil-A restaurant employees nationwide to win $25,000 in a True Inspiration Scholarship, as part of the organization’s Remarkable Futures Scholarship Program, totaling 24 million in scholarships awarded this year. He is a staff member at the Chick-fil-A located in Buda off Interstate 35 South, where he currently works as a trainer – a position rarely given to high school students.

“I wouldn’t say I was a shy person before working for Chick-fil-A,” Grimes explained, “but it definitely developed my communication skills. sociable now, having worked at Chick-fil-A for so long.

Becoming a coach, especially in his first job, taught Grimes how to be professional in specific situations.

“Having this job helped me learn to say exactly what I’m thinking to someone in a nice way,” Grimes said. “Constructive criticism and things like that. Telling someone not that they are doing a bad job, but how they can work [to get better].”

Reece Howard, operator of Chick-fil-A in Buda, said watching Grimes over the past year taught him that young people under the age of 18 may be able to rise to a leadership position.

“Somebody make $14 an hour [in high school]is a big deal,” Howard explained, “but I would say Marcus won it all because of the way he led others. He’s really humble in the way he carries himself and he definitely values ​​other people and their limitations. The way he communicates is encouraging and uplifting, but also very specific to what work is all about, hustling and moving quickly through a fast-paced restaurant.

Howard emphasized that Chick-fil-A values ​​ongoing student education.

“Chick-fil-A celebrates more than those who want to continue their education at the college level,” Howard said. “Not everyone will get the True Inspiration Scholarship. I think it’s great that Buda Region and Hays County have someone selected from thousands of people who applied and hundreds of stores across the country. It is truly an inspiration to lead other young people who are considering progressing and pursuing a college education.

Grimes encourages her high school classmates, as well as the generations coming to that age, to step out of their comfort zone and pursue part-time work while they’re in the books.

“I would encourage you to get a job while you’re in high school,” Grimes told the Hays Free Press/News-Dispatch. “I think that’s a good learning point, and also the money is a plus, but I think it does a good job of molding people and seeing how well they can balance the two.”

After graduating soon from Johnson High School in Buda, Grimes will attend the University of Texas at Austin this fall to study civil engineering.

For more information on the Remarkable Futures scholarship program, please visit https://www.chick-fil-a.com/remarkable-futures-scholarships.

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