Caregivers caring for the elderly now have access to a new community, new platform and new resources to help them with all aspects of managing day-to-day life

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ, December 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – CJ Star Enterprises is delighted to announce that the WeCare4® website ( and social channels are now available for general use starting with the community of stakeholders affected by aging. While part of the WeCare4® The platform was launched smoothly at the beginning of last year, the In-Home section of the Career Center and the Marketplace have now been released with updates from the rest of the platform.

WeCare4® is Helping those who care about others ™ by creating a platform to serve the global and diverse community of aging caregivers, including family, friends or professionals and the entire ecosystem that supports them. It also seeks to break down existing information silos that all caregivers and the people they serve must explore to find everything they need.

The support ecosystem will include all for-profit and non-profit stakeholders that serve older people and / or their caregivers: businesses (e.g. recruitment / placement agencies for caregivers and other care workers). healthcare, retirement home counselors, medical offices and suppliers of relevant products or services); acute and long-term care facilities (for example, adult day care centers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, palliative care facilities and hospitals); and non-medical resources and providers of products and services (eg, elder care counselors, lawyers, financial planners, etc.).

WeCare4® enables and strengthens this community as a curator, aggregator and source of relevant news, information, products, services and resources. In addition, there are pools of professional caregivers available, professional caregiver jobs, healthcare career opportunities, and resources for employers and job seekers. There will also be education, training, professional development and certification for caregivers.

“The catalyst for this initiative came from my and my husband’s experience in caring for our two parent couples over the past 25+ years. It also builds on the foundation of my previous work in Family Care Necessities â„¢, a child and senior care agency and consultancy that I founded over 30 years ago, “said Carol Greco, founder and CEO of WeCare4®.

“We have an excellent advisory board, which we continue to expand and which includes several members of the medical profession in specialties relevant to WeCare4®’s mission as well as others who bring a diverse, complementary and valuable perspective,” said added Greco.

Among WeCare4® products and services is the specially designed Career Center where all employers, whether family / friend, agency or care facility, can handle the entire process of seeking professional help and personnel. and where professionals can find opportunities that match their qualifications. ; telehealth services, provided by MDLIVE the special rates of the WeCare4® membership program; and our soon to be released CareVillage Hub ™, a resource-rich platform that organizes all providers and information involved in the care of a loved one or patient, facilitates timely communication between these parties and is accessible from a phone, tablet or computer.

WeCare4® social channels provide plenty of opportunities for networking, direct communications with other community members, and additional content or commentary.

General access to the WeCare4® site is initially free for all categories of members, with registration required to access and use certain sections. Depending on the membership category, various options and fees for exposure to the rest of the community apply, including advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Learn more about the WeCare4® value proposition here.

“We encourage all potential members of this community to register, familiarize themselves with all aspects of the platform and use all of its capabilities. We especially want to encourage agencies and healthcare facilities as well as all others. suppliers of relevant products and services to feature prominently in the WeCare4® marketplace and also take advantage of our other advertising and sponsorship opportunities so that they can be easily found by the rest of the community. employers and job seekers must make sure to use all the capacities and resources of our career center, ”said Gréco.

About CJ Star Companies
Founded and owned by the managing member, Carol Greco, CJ Star Enterprises, LLC is a New Jersey LLC d / b / a WeCare4® and d / b / a Family Care Necessities â„¢ (FCN) company. Founded in 1991, FCN was originally an agency and consultancy for children and the elderly and is currently a telehealth service provider. WeCare4® also plans to create a complementary non-profit foundation and / or a partnership with other existing non-profit organizations / synergistic foundations. While WeCare4®’s initial goal is to create this community for aging caregivers, it will extend this model and platform to other care segments such as adults and children with special needs.

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