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BELLEFONTE — February is the month of vocational and technical education. With that in mind, the Center County Board of Commissioners is reintroducing $15,000 in funding for emergency response scholarships, Commissioner Mark Higgins announced Tuesday.

“Emergency responders are essential to keeping our communities safe, providing lifesaving care to those in need, 24/7…these scholarships are for the three vocational and technical education organizations of Center County,” said Higgins.

The county began offering the scholarship program in 2019.

Individual scholarships of up to $2,500 per academic year are available for any degree program at the Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology, South Hills School of Business and Technology, and Phlebotomy Institute of Central Pennsylvania, which is operated by the LifeLink EMS Center.

“These scholarships can be used for any program of study of the three schools”, said Higgins.

According to Higgins, the scholarship has been a great success since its inception.

“The scholarships are an effort to recognize firefighters, paramedics and other members of emergency service organizations for their actions, bravery and willingness to serve. Providing financial assistance, this program is sponsored by the Board of Center County Commissioners and offers up to $15,000 in awarded scholarships,” said Higgins.

Those who receive scholarships can, potentially, receive consecutive years’ scholarships, Higgins said. Applicants must be volunteers with a Center County-based emergency response organization and be 17 years of age or older.

“It’s not too difficult to qualify” said Higgins.

Applications will be accepted immediately until the end of the year.

Center Foundation manages the application and award process and will pay the scholarships directly to the school. Applications are available on the Center County Government website at or

In other cases on Tuesday, the commissioners:

– Approved an announcement for Requests for Proposals to provide non-medical personal home care and home support services to people with disabilities and aging populations in Center County.

– Approved a grant from the David B. Garver Charitable Trust through Bellefonte Elks Lodge 1094. The total award is $1,900 to be used for outreach and community events.

– Approved a contract with McGarvey Janitorial Service to provide cleaning services to the 49-3-03 Magistral District Office in Philipsburg. The contract total is $13,931.71 for the period March 1, 2022 through December 31, 2023. The contract has been moved to next week’s consent agenda.

– Approved a contract with Altoona Roofing and Sheet Metal LLC to perform the services outlined in the IFB Center County Roof Replacement Project. The contract total is $805,750. The contract was moved to next week’s consent agenda.

— Approved a contract renewal with the Devereux Foundation DBA Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health to provide residential services. The contract total is $65,000, which is funded as follows: State ($39,000) and County ($26,000) for the period July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. The contract has been moved to order next week’s consent day.

The Center County Board of Commissioners will meet again at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, March 1 at the Willowbank Building. The meeting is open to the public and masks are mandatory. The meeting will also be televised live via C-NET.

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