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Courtesy of Spin

Spin has partnered with Lyft to allow users to rent scooters through the ridesharing app.

Whether you’re on Gratiot, Jefferson, or Woodward, you’ve probably nearly encountered or nearly been run over by a Detroiter smashing its way through downtown.

Generally, to access it, users need to download the app of the respective electric scooter in order to rent it.

Well, one of those companies is trying to simplify the way Detroitians get around.

Spin has partnered with Lyft, a popular ridesharing app, and will now allow Detroit residents to rent a scooter through Lyft’s app, in addition to their own.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this exclusive partnership to bring access to Spin vehicles to millions of Lyft passengers across the country, including Detroit,” Spin CEO Ben Bear said in a statement. “This is the latest in a series of integrations aimed at making it easier to get around cities via multimodal transportation like a personal car. This partnership has been in the making for a long time and is evident in every interaction with the Lyft team that we share both a common vision for the sustainable future of urban transit and a commitment to working with cities and transit authorities the right way.”

Spin is a San Francisco-based company that was introduced to the Detroit market in 2018, one of many companies now available including Bird, Lime, and Link.

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