Harry Potter characters and their Stranger Things counterparts

The imminent return of stranger things for its fourth season has reignited interest in the series and its fan-favorite characters. Meanwhile, Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets kept the Harry Potter universe running, but Potter fans largely consider the original series the best. Since the two Harry Potter and stranger things both have young actors, it’s natural to notice similarities between them.

Whether it’s Harry and Eleven as designated protagonists or archetypal loyal friends like Sirius Black and Lucas, the two franchises have comparable characters. Fans of both series can find new perspectives on them by analogizing their main characters.


Ginny WeasleyMax Hargrove

Split images of Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter and Max Hargrove in Stranger Things

Ginny and Max are fierce girls who say what they want and don’t apologize for it. They attract the attention of many admirers due to their spunky personalities, making them charismatic young ladies who still don’t really care what other people think.

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The pair even look somewhat alike, with their flamboyant red hair and fiery expressions when they’re not in the mood to prank. Much like Ginny, Max is a tomboy who easily befriends boys, but is in tune with his feminine side that shows around Eleven and Hermione.

Neville Longbottom: Will Byers

Split Images of Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter and Will Byers in Stranger Things

Neville is one of Harry Potter characters who endured the worst punishments, which makes him comparable to Will. The latter was possessed by the Demogorgon and ended up feeling excluded from his friends after his recovery. The feeling of being ostracized was something Neville always lived with.

Neville had friends but didn’t hang out with them much, Will experienced that in season three when the other boys had developed different interests. They are both inherently brave, but have a soft demeanor mostly out of lack of confidence.

Rubeus HagridJim Hopper

Split Images of Rubeus Hagrid in Harry Potter and Jim Hopper in Stranger Things

Hagrid is seen as a warm father figure who is always there to support the Golden Trio. Jim Hopper became Eleven’s father and took on a similar role for the rest of the group, seen as the go-to man when someone needed a shoulder to cry on.

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Hagrid was also the Golden Trio’s safe haven, with Harry seeing his cabin as a place where friends had their best laughs. Additionally, both Hopper and Hagrid have a sad past, resulting from the deaths of Hopper’s daughter and Hagrid’s father.

Severus Snape: Jonathan Byers

Split Images of Severus Snape in Harry Potter and Jonathan Byers in Stranger Things

Many consider Snape a hero in Harry Potter due to his love for Lily prompting him to help Harry. He was an outcast in his youth, taking on bullies while falling in love with a girl who seemed unapproachable. The same pattern is what Jonathan went through in stranger things‘ first season.

Jonathan was a loner who admired Nancy from afar and was belittled by Steve’s gang. The difference between Snape and Jonathan is that the latter defended himself. However, both of their stories are pushed by Nancy and Lily throughout.

James PotterSteve Harrington

Split images of James Potter in Harry Potter and Steve Harrington in Stranger Things

The fans of Harry Potter debate which was worse between James and Snape due to how the two became bullies. In James’ case, it was just for fun and because he wanted to be popular at school, which are the same motivations Steve had in stranger things when he was a jerk.

Since then, Steve has become much kinder and more loyal to his friends, something James would also have experienced upon graduation. Both have effortless charm and appealing looks that got them the attention they loved, but also had to grow emotionally.

Hermione GrangerNancy Wheeler

Separate images of Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and Nancy Wheeler in Stranger Things

Nancy and Hermione are smart young women who must prove themselves due to their society’s contempt for women who speak their minds. They’re not the best when it comes to romance, as seen when Hermione couldn’t talk to Ron about her feelings and Nancy was the same with Jonathan.

They can be stubborn at a fault, pushing their loved ones away. Hermione sometimes falls out with her friends because of her narrow-minded beliefs, and Nancy fights with Barbara and Jonathan when they don’t understand her. Deep down, however, both young women care a lot about their friends and family.

Molly WeasleyJoyce Byer

Split Images of Molly Weasley in Harry Potter and Joyce Byers in Stranger Things

Molly is a protective mother who will do whatever it takes to keep her children safe and happy. Joyce channeled the same attitude when she sought out Will, doing whatever it took to get her son back. Both struggle to meet their children’s demands but never complain.

Although Molly has Arthur, she is mostly seen taking care of the children on her own; Joyce’s ex-husband never bothered to be in his children’s lives and she is the primary caregiver. Both mothers also have strong personalities that make others respect them.

Fred Weasley: Dustin Henderson

Split Images of Fred Weasley in Harry Potter and Dustin Henderson in Stranger Things

Dustin is the funniest member of his group of friends and the most daring of the lot. Fred was usually seen with his twin, George, but he took their pranks further, such as turning Ron’s teddy bear into a spider and slipping a tongue-engorged caramel to be consumed by Dudley.

Dustin showed his daring side by taking on the villains in the underground facility and singing for his girlfriend when the Mind Flayer chased the heroes. The couple can be considered the soul of their groups, as they keep everyone’s morale at the highest level.

Sirius Black: Lucas Sinclair

Split Images of Sirius Black in Harry Potter and Lucas Sinclair in Stranger Things

Lucas has been best friends with Mike throughout the series, with the two having similar interests and attitudes. Lucas is the more outspoken of the pair, also being reluctant to let new members into their group. It’s similar to Sirius when he was at Hogwarts and part of the duet with James.

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Sirius saw his group of friends only as his main relatives, strangers being largely avoided by him. Like Lucas, Sirius was extremely loyal to his best friend, with all alleged squabbles being settled soon after. Lucas may not be as charismatic as Sirius, but the two share a bravado that’s hard to replicate.

Ron WeasleyMike Wheeler

Separate images of Ron Weasley in Harry Potter and Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things

There were many fears that dominated Ron during Harry Potter, stemming from his insecurities. Mike has also been the most vocal about his fears, ranging from losing Eleven to confusing his group of friends. Ron and Mike are generally well-meaning, but can also be rather rude due to their outspokenness.

Ron could be callous with Hermione despite his feelings for her and Mike did the same with Eleven during their relationship. Both are relatively lazy but step up a lot when it comes to protecting their friends. Ron and Mike are also close to their siblings, which they don’t like to make too obvious.

Harry Potter: Eleven

Split Images of Harry Potter and Eleven in Stranger Things

The protagonists of their particular stories, Harry and Eleven are designated as special children. Eleven is a survivor of the experiments on her while Harry became the chosen one after Voldemort failed to kill him. Both characters carry significant grief over the lack of parental figures in their lives.

Both characters also share similar coming-of-age journeys in which they find chosen families who help them achieve a greater destiny. Personality-wise, Harry and Eleven are usually kings, but their reckless natures can be thunderous when angered. Neither is always as assertive as they could be, and both enjoy being around people who make them laugh.

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