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Srinagar, May: In a bid to help bright and quick-witted students from underprivileged families, Kashmir Education Initiative (KEI), a non-profit organization offers scholarships to students at three levels.

Additionally, the organization provided 1,669 scholarships to 228 orphaned students from 2008-21.

The organization was founded in 2007-08 and since then has provided scholarships to hundreds of students from families in economically weaker sections.

According to KEI board members, the organization has so far provided financial aid to more than 2000 students at senior secondary, undergraduate, vocational medical courses and postgraduate levels.

One of the board members, Dr. Khurshid-Ul-Islam, said that KEI only focuses on providing financial aid to smart students from economically weaker families.

He said, “KEI is a registered organization with the government of Jammu and Kashmir and the government of India separately.”

“There are two reasons to be registered with both local government and central government. The registration part is done by the government of Jammu and Kashmir and for income tax matters; the organization must be registered with the Ministry of Finance,” Khurshid said.

The KEI board member also said that their accounts are audited annually by both internal auditors and the income tax department.

“In the organization, we have a board of directors, all of whom are Kashmiri people. All the boards of the organization are volunteers who do not receive or earn a single penny from KEI. In fact, every member of the board has to donate to the organization every month,” Khurshid said.

He further stated that all the money donated by the donors is used for the education welfare of the poor students. “At the moment, we do not receive any government or international subsidies.”

Talking about the types of scholarships offered by KEI, Khurshid said, “The first scholarships we offer are for students who have passed the 8th standard. For four years, from 9 to 12, we offer them scholarships.

He said that based on their merit and economic conditions, every year we help 200 students. “Our criterion is not only poverty but also merit. We do not take students who are not good at studies, but those who study well are eager to achieve something from their ability. »

The board member added, “KEI has two other programs. One is called a UG scholarship, it is for students who qualify as NEET or JEE entries. This year, we offered 35 such scholarships. Each year, we award scholarships to at least 30 students.

Likewise, KEI has graduate scholarships. “If a student is admitted to a course outside the county, we provide him with around Rs 5 Lakhs as an interest-free loan. They are all only supposed to repay once they start making money. So far, we have granted such loans to nearly 20 students,” he said.

Current programs

Undergraduate Scholarship Program (UGS)

The KEI Undergraduate Scholarship (UGS) program provides scholarships to students from disadvantaged backgrounds who, through hard work, excel in national level competitive tests like JEE NEET for Engineering, Medicine and other professionals. Students taking MBBS, Engineering and Agriculture UG courses are supported under this program.

Postgraduate Scholarship (PGS)

The KEI Postgraduate Scholarship Program provides financial support for higher education to students during their postgraduate courses through merit-based means. Candidates who are accepted to pursue postgraduate courses in various majors such as science, literature, languages, mathematics, home sciences, etc. at the University of Kashmir, IUST and NIT are awarded this scholarship through a well-defined selection process.

Career Guidance Program (PCC)

KEI management strives to encourage our students to seek admission to an institution of national significance where admissions go through a rigorous process and are always highly competitive, but once admitted, employment prospects are guarantees at different levels where an individual becomes very useful for the community and society in addition to getting his own family out of difficult situations.

“Through a well-planned career guidance program, KEI enlightens students and their parents on the various career opportunities available and encourages them to opt for the most in-demand pathways in the job market, both domestically and globally. We have success stories where our students have gone on to top-notch institutions like Delhi Technical College, United World College and Ashoka University,” KEI management says.

Collaborative programs

The management of KEI says that it strives to help students in every way possible to prepare them for life, alleviate their difficulties and help them achieve their dreams. In this endeavour, we collaborate with minded organizations and institutions that are resourceful and have expertise in various fields, among which the Kashmir Education Initiative USA is the most prominent.

Major programs run collaboratively include experiential learning and capacity building workshops, mentoring program, mentoring program and mentoring program.

Program of learning and capacity building workshops

In the experiential learning and capacity building workshop program, KEI states that the aim is to enable and equip its scholars with practical experience and offer skills and competencies such as problem solving , critical thinking, communication, perseverance, leadership, stress management, Development of life skills and personality. These 21st century teaching skills build student confidence and prepare them for global competition.

Mentorship program

Similarly, within the framework of the mentoring program, the organization considers that it is the cornerstone of its intervention and a distinctive element of its offer. Highly ambitious students are linked to young professionals, undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers who direct them towards their goal and become their general guide, helping them to refine their personality.

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