KPRC meteorologist Frank Billingsley’s adoption story and CEO’s foster care journey stirs a crowd in Houston

What: Arms Wide Adoption Services Annual Fulfilling Families Luncheon

Or: The heather club

PC time: While the KPRC Chief Meteorologist Frank BillingsleyThe story of his adoption and how his adoptive mother changed his life was gripping, it was Sixto CancelThe story of growing up in and out of foster care that stirred the emotions of the crowd of mostly young mothers.

Despite his difficult youthful circumstances, Cancel was recognized by the White House as a White House Change Champion, a Millennial Creator by BET, and was on the 2021 Forbes Table of 30 under 30. Cancel opened up about his experience of abuse and failed foster placements to inspire him to found think of usa research and design lab for foster care that guides change so that youth and families involved in foster care can thrive.

Next on stage was Emily Bradfordan adoptive mother of two wide-armed brothers, who spoke about the importance of loving families and how her and her husband’s kindness to boys taught them the important life lesson of trust.

“We know that children belong to families, so we are doing everything we can to address the shortage of foster homes,” By Juana S. Jernigan, Arm-wide adoption services President and Chief Executive Officer, told the meeting. “Thanks to supporters like you and our dedicated social workers, last year we were able to double the number of children we serve in foster care.”

Presidents Jenni Swyka and Lindley Arnoldy at the Arms Wide Adoption Services Luncheon (Photo by Jenny Antill)

Likewise, last year, the service increased adoption case management by 33%, providing children and their adoptive parents with the therapy, support and resources needed to provide a healthy home environment.

PC seen: lunch chairs Lindley Arnoldy and Jenni Swykamore Kelley Scofield, Allison Flikerski, Lacey Goossen, Caroline Knapp, Kate Stukenberg, Beth Zdeblick, Alison Powell, Lyndsey Zorich, Mike Mahlstedt. Valerie Dieterich, Natalie Steen, Allison O’Neill, Stephanie Sanders, and Sidney Eifler.

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