LA’ Boss on Good News from Kensi & Deeks and Callen’s Proposal

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 finale “Come Together.”]

Of course, there are a few outstanding points when NCIS: Los Angeles wraps up its 13th season, but overall it’s a happy episode, featuring some moments that fans have been waiting for for years.

First, shortly after Kensi (Daniela Ruah) picks up Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) from the airport, they find out they’ve been approved to host Rosa (Natalia Del Riego) – and she can fly home. home with them that night! Everyone gathers at the beach for a barbecue to celebrate. And that’s where Callen (Chris O’Donnell) ultimately proposes to Anna (Bar Paly).

“In all aspects of my life, I didn’t know who I was until I met you,” he says. “You didn’t even know your first name,” she recalls. And while he worries that he can’t give her the normal life she wants because he’s “broken,” she reminds him that she is too. “That’s why we adapt. Look, other people may never understand our normalcy, but that doesn’t matter. It just has to make sense to us, to you and to me,” she says. And after that, he gets down on his knees – Kensi is the first to notice and alerts the others, including Anna’s father, Arkady (Vyto Ruginis) – and proposes. Anna, of course, says yes!

Executive producer R. Scott Gemmill breaks down those happy moments from the finale.

Congratulations on the renewal!

A. Scott Gemmill: I know. Thank you. It was a pleasant surprise.

It was such an enjoyable final, even surpassing last year’s.

Yes, I think partly because we didn’t know if we were going to be renewed. So with that in mind, we really wanted to leave the characters in a good place and hopefully leave the fans in a good place if by any chance this was our last episode.

Sonja Flemming/CBS

I love undercover callbacks – yes, Switch, but also Mr. Carl was so much fun.

That’s kind of our main goal, we really try to have fun and entertain people and we have a great time doing it. We are very lucky.

It’s been a long journey for Kensi and Deeks to become parents — they’ve come so far since they started talking about kids. When did you know it was going to be like this, with them becoming parents to two teenagers, hopefully, assuming it works out with Pilar as well?

We set things in motion and often have a plan for where they’re going to go, but we don’t stick to it too rigidly just in case some yummy things happen along the way that change how you want to tell the narrative. .

With Kensi and Deeks we decided just from everyone’s personal experience, knowing people who have done this or been through this themselves, where just because you decide to have children, it doesn’t doesn’t always go the way you planned. So we thought that would be a good story to look at for these two, because a lot of people struggle with that. I think it was really when we did the episode with Rosa, “A Land of Wolves”, we really liked Natalia Del Riego. It just seemed like kind of a natural progression because you have on top of this couple who are trying to conceive and who had a lot of difficulty and who talked about the possibility of adoption, to suddenly bring this young woman into their lives. , who struggles to find her own way and ultimately has no family as we find out and the risk with her is that because she has no family she no longer has a sponsor and will be fired in Guatemala. So it seemed that for them it was some kind of fate. We played it because fate kind of forced them to make a decision where it might have taken longer for them to do so.

It’s also kind of scary for them because it’s not what they had planned in terms of when they thought about adoption. Most people think about adopting a child, while anyone who has gone through this route or knows the adoption process, there are many teenagers who are in foster care and cannot find a family because the people are always looking for young children. It gives us a chance to explore a bunch of story areas that we normally wouldn’t.

To what extent will we see them trying to balance their family life and work? This has also been raised – that their work is dangerous – in the past.

Yes. That’s kind of why having them adopt someone like Rosa was a good fit because if they’re at work, it’s not like we’re wondering who’s taking care of that baby at home. Rosa is 16 years old. She is quite capable of being home alone. So we’re hedging our bets a bit by doing this so it doesn’t feel like they’ve adopted a child and then just abandoned it at home because they’re young and that there’s a line – it’s not like they adopt her until she’s 18 and then she’s on her own. This person, this young woman is going to be in their lives forever as a girl, so it’s something they have to learn to live with and make those sacrifices.

Bar Paly as Anna, Chris O'Donnell as Callen in NCIS Los Angeles


Callen finally offered, which I expected. We’ve known this ring for a while. Talk about how it would happen.

Yeah, that was another one of those things where you can slow those things down for a while, but at some point I think you owe it to the characters and also the audience to make a move – even though some people had some extremely long commitments, it will not necessarily last three years. So we just decided, at some point, we had to do something, either end it or move on. And I think, because of where we were, because not knowing if it was our last episode, it probably kind of forced our hand to take that leap because it just seemed like a good way to them to finish if this is the last time we saw them. Now we will have to follow this and we still have this for ourselves, what is the best way to tell this story. We had a wedding on the show and it was really fun. And who’s to say that we can’t make another one?

And this one will involve Arkady, which of course has to be fun.

Yes. It’s so much fun working with Vito. And that’s one of the great things about being so lucky to be on the show for so long is that we can bring in characters and actors and have a lot of fun with them and keep bringing them back, that it’s Arkady or Sabatino [Erik Palladino], the list is long. We have kind of a really big cast standing backstage waiting to come and have fun with us. It’s a real treat for us.

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