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Ernest Hemmingway defined courage as “grace under pressure”. In my opinion, County employees of the Claremont Nursing and Rehabilitation Center are the definition of courage. Every citizen of our riding, in my opinion, owes them our respect and gratitude for the exemplary service they have always rendered, but especially over the past year and a half.

Providing competent and compassionate care is extremely difficult at the best of times. The past 18 months have been anything but the best of times, however. Thousands of health heroes have succumbed to COVID while providing care. Several Claremont caregivers have fallen ill even as dozens of Claremont residents have died from the virus. Dozens of other residents, alone and isolated from their families, with the facility locked down, have died. Added to that stress was the uncertainty as to the outcome that would emerge as our Commissioners pushed forward with a sales process.

A memory that I will keep from these last months of the process will remain etched in my mind. During a Claremont board meeting, which was held virtually while the county was not holding in-person meetings, a young woman who is a frontline caregiver in Claremont asked to take speech under public comment. When Commissioner Gary Eichelberger recognized her, she said she just wanted to say how proud she was to be a county employee.


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