Lions Clubs to Spend N200 Million on Cancer Treatment Support at LUTH

Lions Club District 0404B1 Nigeria, apparently concerned about the increase in childhood cancer cases, is expected to spend around N200 million to provide treatment support to assets at Lagos Teaching Hospital, LUTH, Idiaraba Lagos.

Club District Governor Kema Ashibuogwu, while outlining his priority projects after his installation, identified childhood cancer as a threat which, if left untreated, would create a devastating health problem among the growing population of children. .
Ashibugwu lamented that despite increasing cases of the disease in children, only LUTH has a dedicated ward in Nigeria where children with cancer are treated.
She expressed deep concern that despite the threat of cancer spreading among children, little is being done to create the necessary awareness and to develop a policy initiative that will provide specific support to families facing the challenges.
According to her, poor parents have to cough up 350,000 naira to get a diagnosis in South Africa before returning to start treatment at huge cost at LUTH.
The district governor regretted that Nigeria could not boast of a single flow cytometer (cancer detection machine) which sells for around 64 million naira or even a 4 million naira chemotherapy chair.
After identifying these challenges and how children are dying due to lack of treatment facilities, the Club decided to build a N100 million care home at LUTH, Ashibuogwu revealed at a conference releases in Lagos.
In addition, she said, the club is seeking funds to procure a flow cytology and chemotherapy chair to support cancer treatment in the country.
She called on organizations and philanthropists to support the lifesaving initiative as she cried out that many children have died of cancer while society is not fully aware that children suffer from cancer at a young age.

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