McLean County Masons team up with OCTC for scholarship | Local News


Livermore Masonic Lodge # 186 will begin a scholarship program with Owensboro Community & Technical College this fall.

The “Working Tools for Life” program will provide $ 500 to technical students to purchase tools in their respective fields.

The lodge raised the funds in March and announced on Facebook that they could start the program. The funds are expected to finance students for two years.

“We wanted to have a lasting impact on our community and felt that the best place to start would be to help with education,” Senior Director Bruce Maxwell said on the pavilion website.

Maxwell said the lodge is determined to award the scholarship annually to an OCTC student, preferably to students residing in Livermore. If the pool of applicants is dry, the scholarship will be open to McLean County students, before moving on to all college students.

Mike Rodgers, Institutional Director of OCTC, has become a key partner in the program. Rodgers was in attendance and was the guest speaker at the July 20 meeting.

“The vision (of the lodge) is going to take these students, young men and women, and really give them a foundation to move forward into the future,” said Rodgers. “The need for trades and people to get started in trades …

“Student success is our success.

Rodgers said the scholarship is set up to help students receive a certificate, enroll in an employment program, or earn a technical associate degree. Western Kentucky University will also take 100% of the general education credits of students in this associate’s degree, and students can complete with a bachelor’s degree after completing the remaining 30 credit hours.

“They can complete between one and two years and earn a bachelor’s degree from this practical skill set,” Rodgers said.

The scholarship program has proven to be attractive to Freemasonry organizations in the region. Rodgers announced that OCTC will also partner with Utica Masonic Lodge # 742.

“It’s a perfect partnership for us,” said Utica Past Master Rodney Adkins. “This is exactly what we are working towards. This is what changes communities and people’s lives.

Rodgers plans to promote the program through emails, brochures, social media with links to the scholarship application, and working closely with faculty members.

“The hope is that this fall and spring come to you and say, ‘Guys, all the scholarships are awarded and there is a great need there. “What can I do to help all of you raise more money and build this thing even more?” “said Rodgers.

“Faith, hope and charity are the three tenets of Freemasonry,” said Maxwell. “We have faith in our community, we want to give them hope for the future and we are starting this with this charity to help help our community.”

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