Mother-daughter monkey duo rescued from lab now live peacefully in east Texas sanctuary

MURCHISON, TX (KETK) – The Humane Society of the United States has released a video of mother-daughter monkey duo Nanette and Gabby, residents of Black Beauty Ranch.

Nanette, a rhesus macaque, gave birth to Gabby while they lived in a biomedical research lab. In 1997 they were taken out of the research facility, they got a second chance when they arrived at the 1,400 acre Black Beauty Ranch where they have spent their lives recovering from trauma.

In the video, the Humane Society of the United States provided a glimpse of their bond from the perspective of their caregiver, Rebecca Woodward, Senior Animal Caregiver at Black Beauty.

Woodward is just one of many who watched over Nannette, now 34, and Gabby, 29, who spent two decades at the shrine.

“Gabby and Nanette are now safe in our sanctuary where we can offer them a moment of happiness forever in a natural environment with grass and trees, and fill their days with treats, enrichment activities and bask in the sun. We’ve seen them thrive here and be able to be the apes they deserve to be, ”said Woodward.

Kitty Block, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States focused on Nanette and Gabby in her Blog.

“As many families across the United States prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, I reflected on the beautiful story of Nanette and Gabby,” Block said in his blog. “I am deeply grateful for the services provided by our Black Beauty Ranch, creating homes for over 800 animals, who would otherwise have nowhere to go.”

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