Nerul Police: Navi Mumbai: Couple Detained 2 Years After “Selling” Their Newborns | News from Navi Mumbai

NAVI MUMBAI: Nerul Police arrested a husband-wife duo staying on the pavement outside Nerul Railway Station for allegedly selling their two newborn daughters to two women for Rs 90,000 each in 2019. A complaint was filed Wednesday after an attorney who learned about the “illegal” adoption alerted police.
A police officer also said he learned that the parents also sold their newborn son or gave him up for adoption earlier.
The two female buyers, aged 60 and 35 residing in Belapur and Mankhurd have been charged in the case for allegedly illegally adopting the newborns.
API Rajendra Ghevdekar said: “So far we have only arrested the couple accused of selling their newborns. The two women who bought the newborns have not been arrested but have been served a bet. formal notice for which they must remain present in court when summoned.”
Ghevdekar further said, “The incident came to light after the Child Protection Officer of Thane District Women and Child Development Department, Thane filed a complaint at Nerul Police Station. Wednesday.The mother of the newborns revealed the name of the buyer from Belapur who bought the baby for Rs 90,000.The mother claimed that her husband sold the newborn to the Belapur woman as they needed money and were unable to feed their four other children.
Ghevdekar added: “The buyers were summoned to Nerul police station. Belapur’s wife showed us an affidavit, stating that she had adopted the newborn, but the process is not legal as Thane court order is required for child adoption.

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