Omaha Nonprofit Sponsors Adopt-A-Student Program

ELKHORN, Neb. (WOWT) – The back-to-school frenzy begins now, and we’re reminded that not all parents are able to provide new clothes and school supplies for their children.

Isaac, 12, and Nova Vlasak, 11, are the first to drop off a backpack full of school essentials at open house mission Tuesday.

They are part of the Adopt-A-Student program where they sponsor a homeless child and get a list of items the child wants.

“On the list it said he wanted poppets, so we put a few in there. It’s just good to help others,” said Isaac Vlasak.

“Most of the time we shopped online, but yeah, because you can just find a bunch of stuff,” Nova Vlasak said.

Adopt-A-Student is looking for 90 volunteers to purchase a new backpack, clothes, shoes and school supplies for a child in need. So far, the mission has responded to 60 of these requests.

“We do this so that the children have things like everyone else and that they don’t stand out in their class, that they feel appreciated and loved. It’s just really important that all the things we do try to help students not be more negatively affected than they will be because of their parents’ homelessness,” said Steve Frazee, Open Door Assignment.

Steve Frazee says the average homeless person in the metro area is nine years old. He says a child can be six to 18 months behind when the family becomes homeless.

Susan Christensen adopts a student each year. She says this program is important for homeless children.

“Critical, they need all the help and we’re all human beings so we all need whatever help we can get, and honestly, I’m doing way better than him. Yeah, that’s was fun to shop for back to school because my daughter is growing up,” Christensen said.

Returning to school can be difficult for children, especially those who are homeless.

“I think that’s really important, especially in Elkhorn where people are mostly on the wealthier side, so we don’t really have homelessness here and it’s nice to get another perspective and everything. the world doesn’t have what you have,” Makenna said. Dilwok.

These teens are ending the summer by volunteering at the Open Door Mission outlet in Elkhorn. They understand the importance of optics for children.

“No matter how much someone can put up a wall and say ‘oh, I don’t care what people think’, everybody kinda cares what people think, you know, so I just think and I can just sponsor a kid is a good thing, but yeah, everybody wants to fit in. You know, high school,” said high school junior Kate Heingen.

“When they don’t meet, they feel out of place and that leads to kids dropping out or not doing as well as they should.”

The hope is that these backpacks and especially their contents will help children who already have every chance of succeeding.

And even though donor and child never meet face to face, there is a shared affection.

“Here’s a thank you, the kids painted these pictures to say thank you for the backpacks. It’s beautiful.”

The open door mission needs school supplies and clothing all year round.

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