Palos Verdes student receives NSHSS visual arts scholarship

PALOS VERDES, Calif. — Rancho Palos Verdes student and multimedia artist Yiting Chen received the National Society of High School Scholars Visual Arts Scholarship in a piece that challenges society’s handling of the crisis current climate.

The scholarship recognizes students who have demonstrated excellence in artistic mediums
photography, painting, drawing, mixed media or digital art.

Chen was one of five students from more than 200 applicants selected for the award and received a $2,000 scholarship.

Yiting was awarded the 2021 NSHSS Visual Arts Scholarship for his submission of the attached artwork, titled “Breathing,” and shared this artist statement:

“The abandonment of factories, the felling of trees, environmental pollution have caused global warming and the extinction of animals and plants. In 2045, the destruction of the environment leaves no room for animals and plants to survive, some plants must coexist with Plants grow on the body of humans and absorb human nutrients My idea came from the movie “Annihilation” I want to express that if humans do not protect the environment, all living things will disappear, even human beings.”

NSHSS is the first international honors and scholarship program co-founded by Claes Nobel and James Lewis. It offers a lifetime of benefits, connecting the world’s top-performing students with high school and college scholarships, events, relationships, internships and career opportunities that start in high school and continue throughout. college and careers.

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