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Kozhikode: The police found the real parents of the child in the illegal adoption case in Kozhikode. An investigation report was submitted to the Child Protection Committee after identifying the parents from Wayanad. The committee officials informed that the child would be confidentially entrusted to the parents if they accepted. If the real parents refuse to accept the child, the committee will proceed with adoption procedures and seek permanent protection for the child.

Meanwhile, the child’s real mother informed the police that she would accept the child. A couple from Chakkumkadavu adopted the baby illegally in 2018. The child was born in a private hospital in the district four years ago. At first, the mother decided to leave the child at “Ammathotil” (child’s cradle) because the baby was born out of wedlock. But abandoned the plan when she found out she had to go to Thrissur with the child. Later, with the help of a hospital caregiver, she handed the child over to a Chakkumkadavu couple. However, the incident resurfaced when one of the couple’s children revealed it to a school teacher. Soon, the school authority reported the matter to the child protection committee.

The child was transferred to a children’s home for temporary protection. Legal action will be taken against the couple who illegally adopted the child.

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