Rate Money exceeds $ 1 billion in settled loans


Rate Money has announced that it has exceeded the symbolic billion dollar mark for settled loans.

The specialist lender, which mainly deals with self-employed loans in Australia, was delighted to be able to announce this milestone after just 18 months in business.

“Success in my eyes is an understatement,” said Ryan Gair, CEO of Rate Money. “It’s more than an achievement, it’s a record.”

“I don’t know a lot of mortgage managers up front who can say they’ve paid $ 1 billion in loans, let alone a book value of over $ 1 billion in their first 18 months. . “

“It shows how essential our branch network is, to understand not only our client and our referral network, but how well-oiled the organization is so that we can function so well as a unit, to continue. a goal and a dream, and that is to become the best independent lender in Australia.

The broker channel has been essential to the success of Rate Money.

“Brokers are an extremely important part of our business,” said Gair. “They see the uniqueness of our products and buy into the energy, knowledge and attitude of our people. “

“We are self-employed, like them, and our focus is on delivering positive results and delivering the best possible results to our introducers and their clients. “

“Mortgage management was considered old, boring; nothing was innovative there. It’s the same old brands, carrying the same old products and the same wholesale backers, nothing new.

“We have taken a collaborative approach with our funders and helped refine existing products, creating new ones to fill gaps and growing needs and challenges facing independent clients. “

“We are always trying new and different things to give a taste and uniqueness to our product offering. Not just with the products, our marketing and our vision of how businesses grow and how we want to be seen in the market. “

“Our marketing is different, it’s dynamic, our products are the same, they’re exciting and something the market has never seen before. Even when it has been seen before, we are trying to push this product to make it even better and cheaper for self-employed people in Australia. “

“We knew that if we worked with our funders and delivered quality business, we could support our introducers (brokers), our network (agencies and staff) and the end customer. Fortunately, the funders believed in us and were incredibly supportive. “

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