Stimulus check payments up to $ 500 PER CHILD will be available until 2022

PARENTS living in Richmond, Texas could receive stimulus checks worth up to $ 500 per child in 2022.

The program is for up to three children, which means families could receive $ 1,500 in total and it’s not a one-time payment.


Residents can receive up to $ 500 to help with child careCredit: Getty

Families can receive assistance for three months, for a total of $ 4,500 in assistance with three children.

To be eligible, you must be a resident of Fort Bend County and the child must be under the age of 13.

Your income must also have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can check here to access the Fort Bend County Child Care Voucher Application.

Over $ 42.5 million has been allocated to help families with child care, rent and mortgage relief. More than 9,000 families will be helped in total.

A Small Business Program also allocated more than $ 48 million to help nearly 3,000 small businesses and protect 14,000 jobs.

A child care voucher program also helped 737 children.

County leaders hope to provide more information to residents soon with new websites and dashboards to educate neighbors about these programs.

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The county also hopes to work with nonprofits in 2022 to reach more people.

Arun Singh, who runs Kids R Kids daycare, says he has had to educate several of his clients about the programs and let them know it’s okay if they need help.

“People shouldn’t assume,” Singh said. “There is no harm done. There is no shame in this part. Just go and ask.

The program only goes up to three children for a total of $ 1,500


The program only goes up to three children for a total of $ 1,500Credit: Getty

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