‘They have to see it from our end’: Childcare provider shares concerns over capacity boost bill

DES MOINES, IOWA — A bill that expands the capacity of Iowa child care providers passed the Iowa Senate on Monday, but not without opposition from some child care administrators.

The maximum ratio proposed by the bill would increase to one caregiver for every seven two-year-olds and one caregiver for every ten three-year-olds.

Karen Newcomb, owner of All Star Daycare and Preschool in Des Moines, worries her industry doesn’t have the caregivers needed to keep up with the proposed ratio.

“Over the past couple of years we’ve had more and more staffing issues,” Newcomb said. “The biggest problem is getting people to work and stay.”

The Newcomb facility currently has 55 children and the building could accommodate up to 75. However, she says she does not have the staff to care for 75 children, which she says is likely to remain unchanged with the level of salary and benefits she can afford. pay.

“We appreciate the governor and lawmakers taking the time to work on it, but I think they need to see if on our side,” Newcomb said. “I think what they’re trying to do is get everyone back to work and worry about the economy, but not about the future and the safety of the children we care for.”

The Senate bill will now head to the Iowa House of Representatives, where a bill with the same ratios passed the committee.

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