Veteran YC Students Are Beneficiaries Of Prescott Regulators And Their Shady Ladies

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The Prescott Regulators & Their Shady Ladies, an Old West reenactment group founded in 2004, has donated the proceeds of their volunteer efforts to various community causes. For the past six years, however, the group has focused their philanthropy on veteran Yavapai College students who need financial help to make their dreams come true.

In 2016, the non-profit organization established a Veterans, Military and Family Fund with the Yavapai College Foundation to provide scholarships to eligible veterans and their family members. In 2021, the group contributed $ 6,000 to the fund, the highest amount to date.

Past fellows include a single parent attending nursing school and a US Coast Guard veteran and aspiring assistance dog trainer enrolled in YC’s Canine Care and Handling program.

“It’s amazing what we’re helping accomplish in our own communities,” said Denise Mackey, volunteer and board member for Longtime Regulators. “We are extremely proud of our volunteers and we are proud of what we do.

Mackey and other group leaders credit the growth of the YCF scholarship to local businesses who sponsor their historically significant performances at summer events in downtown Prescott, to individual donors who help fill their collectable hats throughout the year. year round and to a variety of successful fundraising activities like gun raffles and hosting special events and bartending concerts.

A number of the group’s members are veterans themselves, which makes the Veterans Fellowship program particularly meaningful. Group members also appreciate the fact that nearly 100 percent of their annual donation to the YC Foundation is invested in veteran students through scholarships, Mackey said.

In addition to helping veterans succeed, the mission of Prescott’s Regulators and their shadowy ladies is to keep the story of early Prescott alive – particularly the “Wild West” years between 1866 and 1892. In 2008 , the group has become the official Wild West ambassadors for the Town of Prescott and, as such, are sought after for living history classes in area schools, for chamber of commerce activities, and even for “shotgun weddings”.
Many of the original founders of the group were the oldest rodeo volunteers in the world. Newer volunteers are drawn to the group by the love of Prescott’s ancient history and the chance to relive it. “Where else can you dress like a cowboy and a sleazy woman?” Asked volunteer John Stolp.

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