Will Todd Boehly block Thomas Tuchel’s attempt to loan out Romelu Lukaku?

The main Chelsea transfer news right now is that there is no real news. Consequently, some of the more talkative and emotional Blues fans are making their negative feelings known on social media. That dissatisfaction relates to a lack of activity from seniors so far this summer, despite the fact that the market only opened a little over a week ago. On Friday, Pride of London tried to reassure subscribers and readers that the West London team is in safe hands with new owner led by Todd Boehly.

Moreover, the balance sheet of the American businessman at the head of the LA Dodgers indicates the prosperity of the CFC. This feeling can be applied both on and off the pitch, when it comes to success. Additionally, Boehly oversaw a spending spree with the famed baseball team that saw them overtake the scene’s biggest spenders, the New York Yankees. Star players came and went in a way that suited the Dodgers. They were often triumphant, and certainly constantly defiant. Although nothing is proven yet on Fulham Road, chances are Boehly is more likely to succeed at Stamford Bridge than fail. Good transfers will happen, be patient.

Will Thomas Tuchel’s attempt to loan out Romelu Lukaku be blocked?

We will now examine the evidence, via specific articles, to assess whether Romelu Lukaku’s loan move to Inter Milan could possibly be thwarted. This theory is currently circulating in the media and surrounds Boehly’s indecision over the Belgium international’s immediate future proposal.

Essentially, the Chels president is apparently ‘not convinced’ that loaning the player out is the most suitable option. Not to mention that Lukaku was the top scorer last season and is under contract until 2026.

The revelation, which emerged via The Athletic, is more than doable. Although the claim sounds realistic, it in no way indicates Boehly’s indecisiveness. Obviously, the core value is “what’s best for CFC”.

As mentioned earlier, the trade managed by the leader of the consortium at the head of Chelsea has been successful in Los Angeles. When it comes to trades or transfers, the revenue benefit has been plowed back into new signings and a vastly increased payroll.

Indeed, the optimism around the new administration seems justified. In fact, Boehly has reportedly even struck up a rapport with the potentially outgoing striker. This is perhaps the reason, coupled with the affection the player supposedly has for Chelsea, why there is a reluctance to allow the 29-year-old to leave.

The sale could be permanent – even though this is Lukaku’s second stint with the Blues – as a temporary switch leaves the door wide open. Not that I recommend the loan, to Italy or elsewhere: severing all ties is the wisest outcome for all. Even considering a loss on a fee – before valuations fall further.

The main problem is that Lukaku is not suitable for Thomas Tuchel’s system. Parallel talk about a strained relationship between the boss and the player. The targeted man eventually felt he was wasting energy applying pressure on the opposing defenses and defensive midfielders. On the contrary, the Belgian believes that his focus would be better suited to situating himself appropriately to apply the finishes.

Meanwhile, talks continue between the clubs, with a deal set for July. Inter are believed to have conceded to pay Lukaku’s full salary. The new president is unlikely to try to force an alliance uniting the two.

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